Dova Heights

Recent Projects

Mooring Chain Inspection & Measurement

Diameter Measurement on Chain
40mm x 40mm x 10mm pit observed in fusion weld

Continous Chain Cleaning

Close Up of Chain Link at Splash Zone
Chain Cleaning at Splash Zone

Complete Measurement On Chain

Grip Measurement on Chain
Diameter Measurement on Chain

CVI Of Chain Links

CVI Of Chain Link
CVI Of Chain Link

Inspection Of Transverse Welds

CVI Of Transverse Weld
CVI Of Transverse Weld at Intersection with Longitudinal Weld

Cleaning Of Transverse Welds

Critical Weld Intesection in Bottom Plate
Scrape in Side Shell

Auxiliary Circulation Pump Suction

Port (before cleaning) – Fouled with Plastic Bags
Port (on left, after cleaning)

Forward Fire Pump Suction

Port (Before Cleaning)
Port (After Cleaning)

Main Circulation Pump Suction

Starboard (Before Cleaning)
Starboard (After Cleaning)

Sea Water Service Pump Suction

(Before Cleaning) – Fouled with Plastic Bags
After Cleaning

Inspection Of Hull Welds

Outboard Weld Intersection (Starboard)
Aft Bilge Keel Toe (Starboard Side)

Inspection Of Bulbous Bow And Struct Connection

GVI of Strut Connection
Survey of Anomaly on Port side near bulb